The Agency Congratulates Janet Jensen

In the annual Chairman Awards, The Agency recognizes the top 5% agents within the company—and these dedicated professionals truly made the most of 2022. The hard work and dedication of our Partner, Janet Jensen, earned her the Chairman Award again. We congratulate her. 2022 was a landmark year at The Agency. Our agents and colleagues […]

Best Couch Fabric Materials

Best Couch Fabric Materials The couch is an integral part of anyone’s home, and its design and style can have a major impact on the overall feel and look of your space. So when it comes to selecting or designing your dream couch, choosing the suitable fabrics can be very crucial.  Let’s go over some […]

The Cultural Origins of the Dining Table

The dining room table is now commonplace in most households, but many likely don’t know the history and cultural significance behind it.  In recent years, our dining tables turned into not only where we eat our meals but conference room tables, classroom desks, and more during the pandemic. So, let’s look back at how it […]

Exploring Different Types of Fencing for Horses

Horses can easily escape from a pasture if they find an opening in the fence. For these reasons, horse owners need to take extra precautions when it comes to fencing their property. Let’s explore some of the most common types of fencing used for horses. 1. Wooden Wood rail fencing can be used for both […]


Regional Trends in Kitchen Designs Kitchens have changed a lot over the years, and we’re now seeing kitchens being less formal and more inviting. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or looking for new ideas, here’s how people around the world design their kitchens. Western Kitchens Are Innovative and Trendy For most Western regions, kitchens are […]